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Renee Roth MS, RN, ACNP-BC

Place of Employment: Lebanon Hematology Oncology and Foster J Boyd Cancer Center, Wilmington OH

Describe your nursing job/specialty: Specialty was critical care oncology and stem cell transplant, now I work in out patient oncology setting and round in multiple hospitals.

Describe your average work day: I begin at 8am and see patients every 30 minutes or so until 4:30pm.  I also help the nurses in the infusion center with any clinical problems or infusion reactions.  Often I schedule educational programs for the RNs.  I do the pelvic exams for our patients as well as the bone marrow biopsies.  I also see patients for Rad/Onc if they are having problems with dehydration, pain control etc.

Length of time in nursing: 13 years     Length of time in oncology nursing: 9 years

How did you get involved in oncology nursing? I was working as an AO at MVH and had had some experience in end of life care from Med/Surg when I found the BMTU and took a clinical RN position.  I fell in love with this special population at that time.

What keeps you in oncology nursing? The patients

Length of time in ONS: 9 years    Length of time in WCO-ONS: 9 years

Describe your role within the WCO-ONS and the benefits of membership: Keeps me informed